Gilding for Interiors and Exteriors

Gilding encompasses a variety of metallic specialty finishing techniques. Real gold comes in many colors ranging from brilliant 24k red gold to 12k white gold. Additionally, gilding techniques can range from highly polished and burnished water gilding to matte gold finishes. Leaf comes in a variety of materials, and is not only limited to gold. Other specialty finishes with metallic leaf can be carried out using copper, aluminum, silver, palladium, or other precious metals with decorative glazing or patinas. EverGreene can offer our classically trained artists and craftsmen to ensure the highest quality execution.

Our past projects have ranged from gilding several massive US State Capitol exterior domes to restoring the delicate details of gilded ornamental elements in theaters and churches. EverGreene provides project planning, restoration, and application of gilded surfaces services nationwide.


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