The integration of art in architecture is essential in creating the identity of a physical space, as the artwork engages and inspires the viewer. We aspire to create murals that leave a lasting impact on those who come into contact with them through the use of vivid imagery and compelling content. Our team seeks to infuse a building’s unique history with artistry to instill a powerful, long-lasting vision that incorporates and reflects the character of the space and focuses on how the art tells a story and integrates with its environs.

EverGreene’s ultimate goal as artists is to humanize the built environment. We strive to create murals that reflect their unique space, honing in on their own identity. We tackle each project with a multifaceted approach that incorporates an understanding of creating original works, learning from historical work, and collaborating with other artists. Murals can be applied to various types of substrates including Buon fresco, Fresco secco, and more commonly on canvas.

For over 40 years, our talented team of artisans and craftspeople has completed work on hundreds of murals.  We work in a variety of styles, often mixing and matching per the complexity of your space.

Tell us how we customize a solution for your space!