Historic Murals and Artwork
Having historic murals evaluated and treated by formally trained conservators is the best way to prevent irreversible damage. In addition to addressing the painted surface, our extensive conservation experience allows us to repair problems with mural substrates, including canvas and plaster. An important aspect of conservation treatment is that any new painting (done to fill areas of paint loss and/or return the artwork to its original appearance) should be isolated from the original in a reversible manner. This allows a future conservator to completely remove previous treatments that may have aged poorly, without damaging the original. If approached with a conservation mindset, a valued mural, even one in a deteriorated state, can be preserved for posterity.

EverGreene is often entrusted to conserve historic murals in our nation’s landmark civic, institutional, and sacred spaces by renowned artists including Edwin Blashfield, Kenyon Cox and Gonippo Raggi, as well as other murals created through significant public works projects such as the WPA.

New Murals and Artwork
Working closely with our clients, EverGreene designs new murals and decorative elements, and creates maquettes to facilitate design visioning and decision making. Our artists and craftsmen execute these visions in our studio and on-site in paint, mosaic and other media.