Mike Carpenter
Project Manager
(708) 247-1798

Mike Carpenter joined EverGreene in 1998 and brings two decades of experience to the project management team working in the restoration and conservation of historic buildings and interiors. He has supervised many of EverGreene’s most complex decorative paint and plaster restoration projects and was recently promoted in 2018 from site foreman  / field supervisor to Assistant Project Manager.

Mike is instrumental to guiding team work between clients and his technical staff, ensuring adherence to the project budget and schedule. As Assistant Project Manager, he is focused on health and safety awareness and experienced with on-site supervision and quality control. Mike is also an accomplished decorative painter, with extensive skills in a variety of techniques including gilding, glazing, polychroming, stenciling, faux marbleizing, antiquing, and other finishes.



Mare Island Alden Park - Mast Arm
Joslyn Castle
Calvary Funeral Home Portraits
Centennial Hall
Blessed Stanley Rother Shrine Chapel
UCLA Nimoy Theatre
Kaleidoscreen Sculpture
Fox West Theatre Fire Curtain
World War II Memorial
Winged Victory Sculpture
Egyptian Theatre
7th Street Theatre Façade Restoration
7th Street Theatre - Finishes Investigation
West End Corridor Ceiling Panels
St. Patrick Parish
St. Clare of Assisi
St. Mary's Catholic Center, College Station
Jasper County Courthouse Mural
Colorado State Capitol, Old Supreme Court
Leimert Theatre
Polk County Courthouse
Colorado State Capitol, House and Senate Chambers
St. Isidore Catholic Student Center
Swanson Gallery
Henry Moore - Vertebrae Sculpture
New Mexico Museum of Art
Wyoming State Capitol
Oklahoma State Capitol
Illinois State Capitol - Rotunda & Alcoves
Mississippi County Courthouse
Idaho State Capitol
Jumbo Sculpture
LA Tower Theatre
Mercy Housing Mural Relocation
West Virginia Capitol Dome
Entry Vestibule & Grand Waiting Room
St. John the Baptist
Illinois State Capitol - Room 400
Santa Barbara County Courthouse Main Arch Cleaning
St. Wenceslaus Sanctuary Mural
Ticketing Concourse
Akron Civic Theatre
Los Angeles Theatre
Castro Theatre, Study
The Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Dickies Arena North Facade
Alameda Theater San Antonio
Gardiner W. Spring Auditorium