Emily Sottile
Director of the Sacred Space Studio & Business Development Executive
+1 646 493 1325

Drawing on formal training in art history and theology, and over a decade of hands-on experience at EverGreene bringing large-scale restoration and new design projects to fruition, Emily works closely with clergy, architects, committees, and artists to develop artistry and restoration programs that support the liturgy and architecture.

Emily is recognized as an expert in ecclesiastical art and architecture. She lectures on Beauty and the New Evangelization as an adjunct professor at St. Joseph’s Seminary (aka Dunwoodie) in Yonkers, NY. Emily has contributed to more than sixty episodes of The Chair documentary series about American Cathedrals, and is a frequent contributor to preservation organization panels, conferences, and publications, including the New York Landmarks Conservancy.

Her passion for ecclesiastical architecture was sparked by an intensive program of study of Medieval and Renaissance art, architecture, and religious studies based in the United Kingdom and continental Europe. Emily holds a BA in History of Art from Rhodes College, Memphis, TN; an MA/MSc in History of Art from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland; and is currently pursuing a MA in Theology, St. Joseph’s College in Standish, ME.

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